Azure Bay Holidays 

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Please take the time to read these terms and conditions carefully. To use our apartment, you must agree to abide by these conditions during your stay. The terms and conditions of booking set out below provide a basis on which Azure Bay Holidays accept bookings.

1) Reservations

The reservation to rent the Apartment will only be secured when the Owner receives the booking deposit. Deposits can be paid through the following:

a)      By Email

In circumstances when reservations to rent the Apartment are received by email, deposits can be paid by Bank Transfers, PayPal or through Visa. In this case, the Tenant will be issued with a deposit confirmation by email within a period of two days from the payment of such a deposit.

b)      Online Reservations

In circumstances when reservations to rent the Apartment are received via the online system of the holiday reservation agency with whom the Tenant has engaged to assist him/her in finding holiday accommodation, such Tenant will be required to effect payment of the deposit and/or the full payment through such a system.

Please note that in either of the circumstances described above, any charges incurred to effect the transfer of such deposit are to be paid by the Tenant and deposits are not refundable or transferable.  

2) Confirmation of Bookings

For reservation bookings received as follows:

a)      By Email

As reiterated in 1 a above, on receipt of the deposit, the Owner binds himself to issue a deposit confirmation by email which will include the dates and the total cost of the stay. The Owner will also at this stage provide the Tenant with a copy of such Agreement for his signature and, as a result both parties, that is, the Owner and the Tenant, will bind themselves to the provisions contained in this Agreement. 

b)      Online Reservations

The Tenant is required to read carefully and abide by the Terms and Conditions of the holiday reservation agency which he/she has engaged.

3) Cancellations

a) In circumstances when the Tenant is compelled to cancel a reservation, he/she is to inform the Owner or the holiday reservation agency as soon as possible, and subsequently confirm the cancellation in writing. The notification of such cancellation is to be made with the point of contact with whom the Tenant is liaising for planning his/her holiday accommodation, that is, either directly with the Owner or the respective holiday reservation agency. Such cancellation will only become effective when the Owner/holiday reservation agency is in receipt of written instructions from the Tenant to cancel the reservation.

In circumstances when a cancellation in writing is made within a period of one month prior to the rental of the Apartment, the Tenant will be reimbursed with the amount which he/she has remitted less ?100 or as stated in the Terms and Conditions of the holiday reservation agency which the Tenant is coordinating with.

Failure to cancel the reservation in writing following the expiry of such a period will make the Tenant responsible for the full expense of the reserved Apartment. 

The above is without prejudice to the Terms and Conditions of the holiday reservation agency which the Tenant binds himself/herself with for the purposes of booking the holiday Apartment.

b) In the unlikely event that the Owner intends to cancel a Tenant`s reservation booking, the Owner, in agreement with the Tenant binds himself to offer the following options:

  • another accommodation of an equivalent standard (subject to availability), or
  • provide a full refund of the deposit paid by the Tenant.

4) Payment Procedure

Once the Owner has issued the Confirmation, the Tenant becomes responsible for the total cost of the Apartment.

The Owner will hand the keys of the Apartment to the Tenant on the latter`s arrival once the balance (that is the remainder of the rental sum less the initial deposit) is settled (which can be made in cash). In circumstances when the Tenant fails to take up the Apartment on the stipulated date (of his arrival), the Owner will proceed to invoice the balance to the Tenant for the immediate settlement thereof.

If the Tenant effects payment of the reservation deposit/ total cost of the Apartment online through the use of the Visa card, he/she will be requested to present such card to the Owner in order for the latter to verify its validity before the Tenant proceeds to occupy the Apartment.

5) Arrival and Departure

The keys to the Apartment can be collected from the Owner after 3:00 pm. on the day of arrival. The Apartment should be vacated by latest 11:00 a.m. on the day of departure and the keys are to be returned to the Owner. In circumstances when the Tenant loses the keys of the Apartment, he/she will be charged a fee of ?50.

6) Prices

All prices are calculated for two persons per night. The price includes accommodation, as well as water and electricity consumption for the duration of the stay. Please note that the use of air-conditioning is metered at an extra cost as indicated by the Owner on reservation of the Apartment.



7) Responsibilities of the Tenant

The Owner shall be allowed access to the Apartment at any reasonable time. The Tenant is responsible for the Apartment and is also expected to take all reasonable care of it. All equipment and utensils, etc must be left clean and tidy at the end of the holiday.

Upon arrival, a damage deposit of ?100 is to be paid by the Tenant. Such deposit is to be refunded by the Owner at the termination of the stay, provided that the Apartment, after having been inspected by the Owner, is found to be in the same condition as it was prior to occupancy. If such damage deposit is paid in cash by the Tenant, the owner will return the full amount in cash whereas if such deposit is paid through Visa via the online system of the holiday reservation agency, such reimbursement will be made in accordance with the terms and conditions stipulated by the holiday reservation agency.

If any breakages or damages should occur to the Apartment and/or its contents during the Tenant`s stay, the latter must proceed to immediately notify the Owner.  Kindly note that the Tenant is liable for the loss of any equipment and/or other items found missing by the Owner from the Apartment for the duration of the Tenant`s stay and immediately following the latter`s departure. 

The Owner reserves the right to terminate the tenancy of property if conduct of the Tenant and other members is detrimental to other residents nearby. In these circumstances, no money would be refunded including any deposit so made. Please also note that the Owner is not responsible for any potential noise or disturbance going on in the nearby area.

No private parties are allowed in the Apartment during the Tenant`s stay.

The Apartment is air-conditioned.  In this regard, all doors and windows are to be kept closed while the air-conditioning system is being activated.

8) Pets

The Owner regrets that pets are not permitted in the Apartment.

9) Party Size

The total number of people occupying the Apartment shall at no time exceed the number stated upon booking. In circumstances when the Tenant has abused this requirement, he/she will be requested to reimburse the Owner an extra fee or otherwise vacate the Apartment immediately.

10) Disclaimer

No responsibility will be accepted by the Owner for any accident or loss, damage to personal effects, baggage, car or any other item belonging to the Tenant or any member of his/her party whether arising from the negligence of the Owner or otherwise.

11) Complaints

In the event that the Tenant is not satisfied with the condition of the Apartment throughout his/her stay, he/she should immediately proceed to contact the Owner on (00356) 21647948 or (00356) 79647948. Failure to inform the Owner will result in the loss or reduction of any rights the Tenant may have had in connection with making a complaint.